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Flick at Vista del Campo Norte at UC Irvine

Founded by a 2007 UC Irvine Alum and former VDC resident, the Flick light switch signals when clean energy levels change. Reducing usage during these events helps reduce emissions and manage our electric grid.  

Something wrong or have questions about your switch? Contact us using the form below and we will respond as soon as possible. Leave a phone number and we can even text you back for expediency.

During Energy Alert periods, the Flick will flash red for two hour periods, encouraging everyone to reduce usage during that time. Visiting this page and completing a survey the day of the events will enroll you in a drawing for a chance to win a $50 gift card! One gift card per event!

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We'd love to hear your thoughts on the Flick using the below form.

Interested in energy and sustainability and want to help Flick? 

Find out more.

What the light signals mean:

Red - On an average day, there is less clean energy available on the grid at this time. For southern California, this is generally between 4pm and 9pm


Flashing/Pulsing Red - This is time when the grid may be strained and, or, 


Blue - This is a time when there is an average amount of clean energy on the grid. The sun may not 

Green - There is an abundance of clean energy on the grid. The sun is likely shining and solar energy across the state is generally abundant.


Thank you for your patience as we work out any kinks with first of kind Flick technology! 

My Flick is flashing white: Our bad! The Flick somehow disconnected from Wi-Fi and needs to be reconnected. Let us help by sending us a note with the below form with your apartment number and we'll get on it.

There is no indicator light on the Flick: Under the switch there are two small buttons, a "reset" on the left and "restart" on the right. Press the "restart" button on the right. If not, something is wrong....please contact us!

My overhead lights wont turn on, or the switch doesn't respond to turning it on/off?  

Under the switch there are two small buttons, a "reset" on the left and "restart" on the right. Make sure none are depressed down or stuck, then press the "restart" button on the right. If that doesn't work, we are VERY SORRY and will send someone to fix this ASAP. Please contact us below.

We want to hear from you! Have an issue or questions about your switch? General Feedback? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for submitting!

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