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Flick is a patented smart light switch and plate device that serves as a messaging and notification tool for multifamily communities (student, military, affordable, age-restricted, Class-A housing and beyond).


Flick also serves as a *highly effective energy awareness tool.  Our embedded color codes encourage end-users to reduce bills and carbon emissions when energy on the grid is most expensive, and, or, carbon intensive.

Flick delivers key and pre-programmed messaging, complete with a resident engagement button that promotes effective two-way communication.  The combination of Flick's messaging and engagement features enable vast messaging opportunities (QR codes, polls, surveys, notifications and more).

Imagine having the ability to cater custom messaging and engagements to specific units or full fledged communities. Or directly engaging with specific residents and having them respond with the simple press of an engagement button! 

Trust Flick and our patented color-coded notification screen and smart switch technology to deliver the right amount of intelligence. Flick promotes communication and energy awareness that empowers 

communities with the tools necessary to flourish.  

(Flick's new plate device does not require wiring or Wi-Fi).

* View recent case studies for more information.


Flick was founded in Southern CA by Andre Ramirez, a seasoned utility veteran who led rate and pricing reforms to provide Californians a better way to manage electric bills each day.

Alongside a team of statisticians and economists, Andre helped craft long-term pricing strategies for over 4 million customers, resulting from the California Public Utilities Commission deciding to transition most Californians to time-of-day pricing versus pricing based on aggregate use.

California's three major utilities were the first in the nation to roll out such pricing structures on a large scale.  The Flick Switch was subsequently created as a tool to help educate consumers towards energy consumption awareness and reducing costly utility bills.

In January of 2023, Andre appointed Lisa Pacheco to head Sales and Community Partnerships.  With over two decades of deeply rooted community and housing experience, Flick is committed to working with key housing advocates, national partners and non-profit organizations aligned on enhancing multi-family communities.

Together we will accomplish our mission of promoting energy awareness and communication that empower communities through innovation and 


- Property Managers/Owners
- Senior Housing 
- Military Housing 
- Student Housing 
- Affordable Housing
- Home Builders/Developers
- Non-Profit Organizations
- Educational & Resource Communities

Our Partners & Hosts

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