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We want to work together!

Flick Power, a company founded by a UC Irvine alum is looking to hire its first part-time teammate to serve as an operations manager for their energy savings and sustainability pilot in the Vista del Campo Norte housing community.


The Flick project aims to reduce costly and carbon intensive energy during 'peak' times of the day, and will help reduce the carbon footprint for the community.


The teammate will work with the founder and CEO of Flick to remotely monitor over 200 installed devices, troubleshoot as necessary, manage communications to residents during 10-12 energy event days a year and participate in an advisory committee of residents to improve response to energy events. Time commitment is estimated at 2-5 hours per week.


As an early teammate of a small company, this person will have access to mentorship from the founder and other company advisors with deep energy, start-up and utility experience. Teammate will have the opportunity to expand into other areas of interest within the company based on interest and growth.


The ideal candidate is a 3rd year or higher, living in the VDC area, has some level of leadership demonstrated and interest in the energy, utilities and sustainability space.

We are separately forming an advisory committee of VDCN residents- please email to find out more!

Interested? Email your resume to

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