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Flick's patented smart light switch and light switch plate have embedded color codes that encourage end-users to reduce bills and carbon emissions when energy on the grid is most expensive, and, or, carbon intensive.

Flick takes time-based electric rate signals directly from local utilities to give everyone in the home or building the information they need to make informed decisions about energy use.
Flick's plate device also features a display screen, which allows property managers and residents within multi-family communities the ability to craft specific messaging and communication.  Reach independent residents or engage with an entire community with little to no effort on the management side!

The Flick switch contains an engagement and response button that is  
pre-programmed by Flick.  Imagine sending customized messaging, QR codes, polls, surveys and more.  We have created an opportunity for property owners and managers to introduce key value propositions such as introducing key community resources and partners, introducing community literacy programs, creating engaging health and wellness incentives, etc.  

Flick was created to promote energy awareness that empowers communities with the tools necessary to flourish through education and communication!

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